Ollie Vonzell Hernandez headshot

Ollie entered Nevada’s foster care system at age 9. She experienced many placements, several of which she describes as therapy foster homes which helped her to cope with the passing of her mother. Despite her many placements Ollie did have the opportunity to be adopted by a loving family. After learning that her siblings did not want to be adopted, she stopped pursuing adoption as she wished to not be separated from her siblings. When Ollie started her senior year of high school, she transitioned into an independent living home while taking Advanced Placement classes and applying to college while learning how to balance a budget, school, work, and a personal life. After graduating with an Advanced Honors diploma in 2010, Ollie started taking undergraduate courses at her local college. Ollie is currently the editor-in-chief of Nevada’s youth advisory newsletter, the state secretary of the youth advisory board, and is learning Russian. In the future, Ollie hopes to earn an undergraduate degree in International Relations, a Masters’ degree in Diplomacy, and go on to work for an organization that specializes in human rights. Ollie is a ballroom dancer, human rights activist, blogger….and a foster kid.