Emilio Swann

9 years in Nevada’s foster care system

21 years old


Emilio Swann, a name that will be remembered for making an impact of awareness to the foster community all around the nation.

Emilio entered care at 4 years old. During his time in care, Emilio experienced 8 placements - most of which were foster homes and a group home. At 16, Emilio was adopted by a relative but because of circumstances out of his control, the adoption failed and he re-entered the system, aging out at 18 years old. Emilio’s foster care experience created a passion within him to create change within the system - for others in similar situations.

Currently, he works with an amazing non-profit called ProjectWE - an organization in Las Vegas, Nevada all about supporting youth in care to achieve their life aspirations through many types of engaging programs. Emilio also works with Foster Kinship where he helps provide classes and resources for relatives to become licensed kinship caregivers in order to care for children in their family who are at risk of entering or in foster care.

Recently, Emilio has turned his passions into a unique small business venture - Swann Productions - with the goal of being able to support other foster youth in their entrepreneurial dreams. Swann Productions offers social media management, photography/videography, music production, custom shoe design, catering and motivational speaking.

Emilio has been educated through his lived experience but understands the importance of furthering his knowledge through college. He’s looking for opportunities to obtain relevant certifications in his business ventures and in pursuing a graduate level degree in business management.

Emilio is creating a path to achieve success and happiness. Emilio’s definition of success and happiness includes having a support network of peers, friends and families and being healthy (physically, mentally and spiritually). He hopes his success provides an example to other foster youth that they can reach their own golden dreams and be successful in a world where all odds are stacked against them.


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