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Life Skills Classes and Assessments

The Casey Life Skills Assessments is administered to youth and their primary caregiver to assist in development of an Independent Living Plan. The assigned case manager works with the State PAL Coordinator, the substitute care (CVS) worker, youth, and foster family to prepare the youth for self-sufficiency. Life Skills classes are offered throughout the year, and cover the following topics:

  • Personal/Social Relationships
  • Job Readiness
  • Housing and Transportation
  • Health and Safety
  • Life Decisions/Responsibilities
  • Financial Management

Independent Living Case Planning and Supportive Services

The HAY Center begins working with foster youth at age 14 to prepare them for when they age out of foster care. This preparation includes basic life skills and how they will live out of foster care on their own.

  • College Tours
  • Summer Jobs
  • Vocational Assessment and/or Training
  • GED Classes/Preparation for College Entrance Exams
  • Drivers Education
  • Tutoring
  • High School Graduation Expenses
  • Mental Health Services
  • Transition Coaching

Youth Engagement Events

Throughout the year, The HAY Center engages youth through these unique events:

  • Support for PAL sponsored events
  • Prom Preparation Event
  • Holiday Events
  • Workshops to enhance Preparation for transition out of foster care

After-Care Services

  • Individualized goal-focused case planning
  • GED and Credit Recovery Services
  • Post-Secondary Education Support
  • Employment
  • Mental Health Services 
  • Housing
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Mailboxes, Voice Mail, Email for Youth
  • Computer Lab
  • Education and Training Voucher Assistance (ETV)
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse Referrals
  • Transition Coaching
  • Youth Leadership Opportunities
  • HAY Day (back to school)
  • Holiday Events

For Youth Who Have Aged out of Foster Care

All of our programming is provided using the wraparound model of service delivery. The youth is always present and leading the conversation- all HAY Center programming is developed with youth voice at the table.

  • Tuition and Fee Waiver and Education and Training Voucher referral and support
  • FAFSA application support
  • College Partnerships
  • Transition Planning/Management
  • Aftercare Room and Board Assistance
  • Transitional Medicaid
  • Summer Jobs
  • College Tours


Foster youth and former foster youth

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