About this resource

One time assistance, which an be applied for annually. 

This resource believes, "All children deserve their own bike or skateboard, glasses that don’t embarrass them, tutoring that helps them do their best in school, lessons for fun and for meeting other kids, activities where adult mentors can encourage them, music and art to nourish their spirits. All children deserve these pieces of childhood. Children in foster care especially need them. New Mexico Friends of Foster Children (NMFFC) is dedicated to providing some of the missing pieces."

The brief application is available online at www.nmffc.org or in this handout.

You may complete the application online and submit it as an email attachment or print a copy and mail or fax it to NMFFC. Always include your email address to expedite processing.
Please complete an application for each item needed by a child in foster care.
Donations to NMFFC may be mailed or submitted online.


Children who are adjudicated in the State of New Mexico are eligible for assistance. Anyone in a child’s life, or the child, may apply. We ask that a child’s foster parent or social worker sign the application.