About this resource

This resource is a great opportunity for growth and a transition into adulthood. 

As long as you will abide by the rules set by your case manager and the other staff they will pay you to achieve your immediate goals.

All participants will need a referral and take part in a telephone screening. 

Once the screening is complete, if the participant is a good it for the program a Project Life case manager will contact the participant and schedule a briefing. 

You Then receive a housing voucher and look for an apartment.

Once an apartment is found that meets the criteria of the program the landlord will fax paperwork to Kentucky Housing,

House is inspected and once it passes inspection the participant can move in. 

Participant receives the household startup fund within 7 days of moving in and case manager takes you shopping to purchase items for house

Please contact Cynae Carter

cynae.carter@commaction.org for more info. 


Must be between the age 18-23 who has aged out of States the Custody.

Participant must be able to live independently, understand and follow rules of engagement, and adhere to the rules of the program.

Mon-Fri 8:00 am- 5:00 pm
701 W Ormsby Avenue, Suite 201
Louisville, KY 40203
United States