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Most young people make the transition from adolescence to adulthood with the support of their biological families, communities, and schools. However, youth aging out of foster care may lack family... Read more


According to your likes/dislikes, THRU Project can match & pair you with a volunteer mentor. They will provide a listening ear and a support system for you. We can help a bus pass to help with... Read more

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YOS believes all youth are capable of excellence. Our job is to provide the community-based support they need to meet challenges head on, discover their strengths and make healthy choices. Youth... Read more

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We seek lifelong connections for children growing up without families. In 1885, Boys & Girls Aid was founded in response to a crisis. Children were being abandoned on the streets of Portland with... Read more

CYS phone: (360) 943-0780 ext. 186
CYS Toll Free from any phone: 1-888-698-1816 ext. 186

SERVICES OFFERED We can provide you with nutritious food and to-go snacks, help you sign up for shower times, get you clean, warm clothing from our clothing closet, including access to laundry... Read more