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If you aged out of foster care, you might be able to get a voucher to help with your rent. A voucher is like a coupon to discount your rent. There are two programs, but are very similar and can get confusing. They are both run by the HUD (Housing and Urban Development), but the differences are: 

Family Unification Program (FUP): Local Public Housing Authorities (commonly called PHA's) work together with public child welfare agencies to get housing choice vouchers to families and young adults facing homelessness or are at risk.

  • There is no time limitation on FUP family vouchers
  • FUP vouchers used by youth are limited to 36 months of housing assistance
    • IF a youth left foster care by age 16, but are between the ages of 18-25, there are only 18 months of services available 
  • Local Housing Authorities decide if FUP will be available to only families, only youth aging out of foster care, or both

Fostering Youth to Independence (FYI): This is the second housing program. FYI is based on the FUP, but was expanded to help more young adults leaving foster care or out-of-home placements access safe, stable housing.

  • With the FYI, more HousiIng Authorities can access housing vouchers, regardless if they also provide FUP vouchers

    • This means that if a housing authority decides FUP is only available for families, the FYI is now available to support youth/young adults who would be without resources in the community

  • Increase the number of vouchers available per Housing Authorities for young adults 

  • Allows Housing Authorities to request funding all year, no deadline as long as funding is available

Instructions to Access:

  1. Tell your caseworker or Chafee Independent Living Program (ILP) worker that you would like to get housing support through either the FYI or FUP programs

    • If your worker doesn’t know about FYI/FUP, show them the FYI/TPV one-pager link, Click Here.

  2. Contact your local Housing Authority to discuss either FYI or FUP housing assistance and how to apply

    • If your local Public Housing Authority does not know about FYI/FUP, then you will need to contact DHS in the county you experienced foster care for a referral or information about the availability of housing vouchers in your county

PLEASE NOTE: Public Housing Authority usually only provides either FYI or FUP vouchers so they will ask which one you are calling about. Send questions to FYITPV@hud.gov


  • Youth (or families) with child welfare involvment 
  • Young adults ages 18-24 or with 90 days until exiting foster care
  • Left foster care at 16 years or older, but struggling with housing and not yet 25
  • Struggling with permanent housing (homeless or couch-surfing) or at-risk for homelessness (received an eviction notice or in an unsafe living environment, etc)