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About this resource

Emonie's Closet was created as a donations based organization for foster youth and families to "shop" for necessary items free of charge.

They will be able to select

  • up to a weeks worth of clothes
  • pack of new undergarments
  • pack of new socks
  • new toiletries
  • pair of shoes
  • and (2) toys 

Coats, sports equipment, school supplies and furniture will be provided on an as needed basis.

IMPORTANT: If a new family member comes please let them know OR let them know if a current family member has a growth spurt within the quarter and you have already shopped  Emonie's Closet accepts items back as long as they are still in good condition so another child may have use for them. 

Additional Programs in 2021 (more info coming) 

  •  Financial  Literacy
  • Certified  C.P.R training 
  • Sexuality Education 


  • Currently in foster care placement within the state of Georgia
  • Youth that have aged out are welcome 
  • Youth in kinship care are also welcome 

To sign up to shop at Emonie's Closet, you can go on their website and fill out their contact/needs form, here: Or call them to try to make an appointment or ask about services.