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To my long lost friend:

I miss you
I must admit
My pride does not want to give
Yet my heart longs for what once was and still is and will be.
I miss the long talks and long laughs.
Now standing between us is the long silence.
Silence that pierces years of hard earned friendship
And fights that were won by one side or another.
Here is our stand still.
Who won?
We both lost.
But what was the fight again
What was said exactly?
When did it start?
Who started it?
Turmoil in the greatest
Pride at its worst
Lost in what was right
What is right?
And again who was right
Both win? – Ridiculous!
God is only black and white
Wrong or right
Or is he?
Hmm human nature
So flimsy and fragile
Breaking at the whim of a temptation
Hiding behind church pews and world views
My view, your view, our view…
GODS view
His will, his way
Or no way but to the highway
Highway to hell….
Tangents fly and thoughts are scattered
Where did this all begin…?
I miss you, I love you
I forgive you
I forgave me
Will you forgive me?
He has forgiven. he is for the forbidden
Can you see truth if the light is to white?
Can I see truth if I stand in the dark?
We can see truth if we stand in him.

Apr 15, 2009 By jojo29