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Calling all current and former foster youth, and foster care youth & alumni organizations: Sign-on to a letter asking Congress to fix the glitch which makes it so foster youth may lose their access to health insurance if they move to another state. 

Under current law,  youth who have aged out of foster care are eligible for Medicaid coverage until the age of 26.  Unfortunately, the law was interpreted in a way that allows states to choose whether or not to cover youth who move from one state to another.... (BOO!)  So far, only 9 states have taken the option to cover foster youth who have aged out in a different state.

The Health Insurance for Former Foster Youth Act (H.R. 4998), introduced by Senator Bob Casey in the Senate and Representative Karen Bass in the House, helps close this unintentional loophole which makes it more difficult for former foster youth to gain access to coverage.

Sign on to the letter telling Congress to take action to FIX THE GLITCH!


Mar 29, 2018 By Celeste