How Foster Parents are Helping this Season


Holidays should be filled with happiness and joy; that isn't always the case when you are in foster care... FosterClub offers information through our Holiday Guides as well as our online training course "Helping Foster Youth Through the Holidays", check it out for free, or earn CEUs (Save $5.00 on an annual subscription with coupon code: THANKYOU2018).  

What some foster parents are doing to help make this season special for their youth...

stephcastle said: "You can make a point to do the things that are traditions for them, as well as create opportunities for them to see and celebrate with bio family as much as possible and healthy."

jsduke said: "Try to include them in all aspects of your family celebrations so that they feel a part of the family as much as everyone else in the family does.  Also, try to sit down and discuss with them what will be happening and talk about what their holidays looked like."

jdupuis8120 said: "We introduced grandpa and grandma, aunties and uncles, and cousins to T in small groups over the last few months to acclimate him for the holidays."

stephcastle said: "During the holidays, more than ever, it is important to make sure foster children feel included.  Communication is key.  Talking about traditions, activities and expectations will help relieve apprehension about the season.  Communication about their traditions (and incorporating those things) will help them feel loved and valued.  Most importantly, making a point to spend time with their bio family will be key."

dmarmstead said: "You can help a foster youth during the holidays by allowing them to show you their holiday traditions as well as showing them yours.  Making them feel included and loved and letting them see that your not making a difference and everyone is being treated the same.  You can also allow them to buy their siblings presents and have visits with them so they know you care about them and their happiness."

amendoza said: "Try to incorporate some of their traditions into your own holiday season.  Send cards to family members that they are missing.  Possibly bake cookies and deliver to your foster child's family."

yvonne3w said: "If it's OK with the caseworker, as foster parents we could extend an invitation to the child's biological family for holiday celebrations." 

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Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at FosterClub!