Celebrating 5 Years of Quilts


FosterClub would like to acknowledge and celebrate 5 years of partnering with Oregon community members to provide hand sewn quilts to our All-Star interns!

“It makes me feel special. Every little piece that was put in the quilt was put there for me.” -2018 All-Star

In 2014, FosterClub was contacted by a group of individuals who wanted to use their quilting skills to get involved with our organization. Since then, we have received over 120 unique quilts for our young leaders.

It is no secret to our staff that the All-Stars love their quilts. They can often be seen curled up in a quilt on early mornings, or packed alongside their essentials for a road trip. One All-Star said their quilt is going to become a family heirloom, beginning with him passing it on to his own children in the future. A common sentiment among the interns is that their quilt demonstrates love, even by someone who hasn’t met them, and may never meet them.

“The handwriting on my quilt reminded me of my grandma. It is a nice reminder of home while I’m miles away for the All-Star internship.” –2014 All-Star

Thank you to all of the dedicated quilters who have contributed to this special FosterClub tradition!