Nia La'shay

Nia La'shay, Age 19 From PA Pronouns: She/Her
Nia La'shay, Age 19 Pronouns: She/Her Nia lives in Pittsburgh PA and has 13 years of lived experience in foster care. She enjoys singing, writing, art, and nature. In her spare time, you might find Nia writing poetry or taking a walk. Nia became interested in advocacy work as a... Read more

Kory G.

Kory Gonzales Pronouns: He/Him Age: 20 3 years in Pennsylvania foster system Kory is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He works full time and plans to return to school at the University of Pittsburgh, where he previously studied Physics and Astronomy. Kory has always had an interest in social services, and in... Read more

Jasmirra Howard

Jasmirra Howard She/Her/Hers 19 Years Old Pennsylvania Foster Care System Jasmirra is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and first entered the state's foster care system at age 12 for about 4 months under kinship placement. She then reentered the foster care system and moved around from different foster homes and group homes... Read more