Tesa Curtiss spent 3 years in North Dakota's foster care system. Tesa spent three years in the foster care system and in that short time she has had her share in good and bad experiences. Despite the bad she is a optimistic and well-rounded young woman. In her own words “Those experiences taught me that sometimes things do not always turn out the way you would like, sometimes they turn out better than imagined.” She actively participates in the North Dakota Youth Leadership Board and believes it is important for youth in care to know that “no matter how small of a voice they may have, it could make a huge difference in the world or in the lives of others.” Tesa graduated a semester early from high school and has been working hard to obtain her certification as a Nursing Assistant, attending night classes in order to provide herself while attending college. She currently attends Bismarck State College. After completing her generals, she hopes to transfer to a four-year university to major in criminal justice or nursing.