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Patricia was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, but moved to New York at a young age. She was fortunate to be placed in the same home as her sibling. Her placement became permanent when their foster parents adopted Patricia and her brother. In the few years that followed, she gained four more siblings due to adoption. Patricia now finds it easier to live life with the support of her new and very large family. Even though Patricia has gone through a total of fifteen schools, she has managed to graduate high school with honors and an advanced diploma. Writing has become an emotional outlet for Patricia and she wishes to become a published writer. She hopes to use her writing and advocacy in order to help other youth in care and improve the child welfare system. Patricia is a student, writer, advocate….and a foster kid.




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hyesuk said:

I am just start to want to do foster care program. Long time think about it. But how? I just figured out. I can do it. Already I have three kids and why not? have more kids. If you have love. I don't worry about. Like my kids they want to be the same. I have support team. My family. I garentee my family have a lot of love.