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Nicholas Gee spent 6 years in Vermont's foster care system. Nick Gee entered Vermont's foster care system at age 13. He experienced and endured a variety of placements that consisted of long-term residential programs, inpatient/ residential psychiatric care, detention centers, transitional living programs and group homes during his 6 years in care. For most of his time in Vermont's foster care system his focus was on reunification with his biological family which was eventually achieved for a 6 month period. Unfortunately, do to psychiatric needs he had to go to an alternative placement. Nick is now approaching the end of a long awaited transition to independence. He enjoys spending time doing art in various mediums, as well as, writing poetry and music. Not only an artist but Nick is an active youth leader on his local, state, and regional youth boards. Nick is still undecided about his future plans with college and a career. He prefers to focus his attention on staying in the moment and being grateful for where he is today as opposed to where he has been. Nick is an advocate, artist, musician, poet and a Foster Kid.