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Lindsay spent 2 years in Arizona's foster care system. The level of mistreatment and poor choices surrounding Lindsay’s home life developed an unhealthy living environment, making it difficult for her to lead a stable and successful life. Realizing her potential, she left home in search of something more. She couched hopped for 2 years until she was taken into care. While in care, she was able to stay in her hometown by living with friends.They supported her throughout the remainder of her high school career and stepped in to be the family that she desperately needed. Throughout her struggles and experiences in her childhood, Lindsay found her niche in her school work and volunteering and decided to turn her poor situation into motivation. Lindsay attends the University of Arizona studying Psychology and Spanish. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she plans to attend law school to become a lawyer in the field of family and child custody. Lindsay’s goal is to provide youth with more support on a legal standpoint. During her time spent on mission trips in Honduras, teaching Sunday school to children, and volunteering with homeless families, Lindsay developed a passion for helping children develop skills and live the life that they deserve. Lindsay is shy, goal-oriented, passionate, and a former foster youth.