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Confidence, 22, spent 16 years in Hawaii’s Child Welfare system.

Confidence moved through eight different homes and experienced guardianship while in foster care. 

Her foster care experiences lead her to be a junior counselor for Chitungwiza Municipality. She was an advocate for the young people in her community trying to bridge the gap between youth and lawmakers. She had also worked as a volunteer at the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa. In Zimbabwe, she earned the trust of the youth there and had been a peer educator for youth advocates, focusing on sexual & reproductive health and rights.

Confidence has received an award for her poetry, and for GAM 2016 in which she was advocating for the end of child marriage by writing essays under the theme of, “You broke my wing.”

In Confidence’s free time she enjoys reading, peer education, and voluntary work. She plans to graduate with a Ph.D. and break the chain of poverty and lack of knowledge both in her family and in her community.

Confidence is the voice for the voiceless. “Together we stand and divided we fall.”